Take a 360 degree of the B&R Adaptive Machine. To view, simply grab and rotate the robot.

Adaptive machine - Key features & benefits:

An Adaptive Machine delivers four decisive advantages:

  • Changeover - Independently controlled shuttles allow the adaptive machine to change product format on-the-fly with no lost productivity. Changeovers are pushbutton fast and fully automated, with no tools, change parts or human intervention. A production line can even be readily reconfigured to run new products, thanks to a modular design and the use of a digital twin to simulate the new operations.
  • Flexibility - Flexible track layouts, load-balanced parallel processing, full-speed merging and dividing of product flow, perfectly synchronized robots: The adaptive machine handles higher volumes of shorter runs with greater product variability. There's no need for queuing or buffers, for an even smaller footprint
  • Performance - With the adaptive machine, there's no compromise between flexibility and performance. Tight synchronization of independently controlled shuttles leads to higher throughput and greater productivity. Replace rigidly timed sequential processes with dynamic, responsive solutions –and discover new dimensions of efficiency and productivity
  • Personalization -The adaptive machine supports digital business strategies with the ability to deliver cost-effective, automated, make-to-order mass customization for the first time ever. Manufacturers can now offer personalized, even batch-size-one order fulfillment directly from the production line to the consumer.

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