Key features & benefits:
  • Digital twins accelerate commissioning. Today's simulation tools make it very easy to generate digital twins. Not only does this simplify and accelerate hardware and software development, it also makes it possible to perform virtual commissioning. Simulating the physical behavior of a machine in real time makes it possible to identify bottlenecks and potential for optimization.
  • Modeling without equations. With tools like MapleSim and industrialPhysics, even complex models are easy to implement. A B&R app in MapleSim allows the model to be automatically exported to Automation Studio, along with the CAD data. There, users can test the machine software with regard to motor load and controller tuning. B&R's Scene Viewer tool uses the provided CAD data to visualize movements in 3D.
  • Automatic code generation. Once the digital twin has been created, automatic code generation plays an important role in the development and implementation of machine functions on the target system. Among the many benefits, it substantially reduces the amount of programming required