Take a 360 degree of the B&R Adaptive Machine. To view, simply grab and rotate the robot.

Integrated Machine Vision - Key features

At the heart of B&R's vision solution is a broad selection of technology:

  • Options to replace simple machine vision sensors, while the top of the range high-end smart cameras. For the entire portfolio of cameras, there are easy-to-configure machine vision functions for creating applications with minimal programming.
  • Intelligent lighting available integrated in the camera or as an external device and synchronized with image capture. This ensures that even rapidly moving objects are perfectly illuminated.
  • In addition to the integrated fixed focal length lenses, B&R's machine vision portfolio also includes five C-mount lenses that cover a wide range of focal lengths from 12 to 50 mm. The lenses are specially optimized for the image sensors used to achieve maximum resolving capacity for optimal imaging performance.

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